My Resume

Work Experience

Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO

September 2010-Present

Senior Support Integration Architect, Service Improvement

August 2019-Present

  • Author and refine performance of Oracle SQL audits to measure client system performance and identify potential issues
  • Automate processes using Python to eliminate redundant or repetitive tasks on our team and other teams we support, creating annualized time savings of over 2000 employee hours
  • Manage reporting strategy using Microsoft Power BI and Python
  • Created Python and JavaScript-based web portal for standardizing data and task management, and manage deployment and updates of portal
  • Team subject matter expert for Elasticsearch

Senior Support Integration Architect, Client Operations

January 2015-August 2019

  • Helped ensure client system stability and performance
  • Assisted with escalated issues, code strategy management, and defect and enhancement review
  • Leveraged available data to proactively address potential future issues
  • Coded scripts to automate processes
  • Helped manage project strategy and planning

Consulting Integration Architect

January 2014-January 2015

  • Coordinated Consulting projects across Cerner solutions and with third-party vendors
  • Provided technical leadership for demos at client and Integration Testing events
  • Managed Consulting domain strategy and package installation strategy
  • Directed technical conversion plan for multiple facility go-lives, coordinating timing and strategy between Cerner, the hospital, and numerous integrated third-party vendors

Delivery Consultant

September 2010-January 2014

  • Primary owner of pharmacy solution build for numerous facilities within two large health systems
  • Worked on projects that took 40+ inpatient facilities live with Cerner Millennium
  • Coded several CCL scripts to help report data or automate repetitive build processes


B.S. Computer Information Systems, Bradley University, Peoria, IL

May 2010

  • 3.51 GPA (Cum Laude)
  • Minor in Business Studies


  • Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, Cerner Command Language, Bash Scripting, HTML/CSS, Java, C++, PHP
  • Databases: Oracle SQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Vertica, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • Web Development: Svelte, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, Flask, NodeJS, REST APIs, GraphQL, Static Site Generation, Content Management Systems, Nginx
  • Reporting: Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel
  • Virtualization/Containers: Proxmox, Docker, VirtualBox
  • Other Software/Technologies: Windows, Linux/Unix, Git, Jira, MQTT, YAML
  • Computer Hardware: Building and upgrading computers, Networking hardware, Microcontrollers, Z-Wave, Zigbee
  • Other Skills: Consulting, Client Support, Project Management, Software Implementation, HL7 Integration


  • Service Improvement Associate Recognition, January 2021
  • Cerner Customer Service Week Award, October 2020
  • Cerner Excellence Award, Q1 2019
  • Multiple Cerner Support Life Saver Awards, January 2015-Present
  • Cerner Consulting Associate Recognition, May 2014 and July 2012